Sharon Gaffney
Fun, Talented and came out on a high, you can never go wrong by seeing the Blues Brothers and this was done very well.

Suzanne Sotheran
Amazing. The crowd were buzzing. Fab night.

Dave Diamond
Absolute cracker – high energy performance with great audience participation.

Sara Hanson
Great Fun- very professional – hugely energetic I loved it.

Brenda Mayo
I have been to many Blue Brothers shows, even one in Disney America, what can I say about this show FANTASTICA.

Calum Greenhow
Watched the show last night (Friday 23rd) and it was brilliant. Maximum energy from start to finish. Music phenomenal, singing exceptional & band excellent. I’m usually quite reserved at these things but the cast had me up dancing and clapping along. Would thoroughly, thoroughly recommend this show.

Lynn Bedford
This show had everyone in the audience on their feet, dancing in the aisles! Great energy and huge fun.

Margaret Wayte
Just brilliant… Shame we have to sit down to listen … Great show …Longer encore and more.

Ruth Hargreaves
Great show – loads of fun and energy and excellent musicians. Brilliant way to round off a Fringe evening.

Graham Williams
Blues Brothers. Must-see show, if you like dancing in the aisles. Toe-tappingly awesome.

Melanie Thompson
Great show! What a talented group of musicians including the Blues Band. Could not believe how alike Jake in this show is to the original, amazing! Loved Elwood playing the harmonica. Would recommend this show to anyone visiting the Fringe this year.

Suzanne Boston
Full of energy and fun. Great entertainment and a brilliant way to round off a visit to the Fringe. Will be booking again!

Joanna Scott
Great Show! Uplifting and fun.

Valerie Roper
This was our last booked show of our Festival stay and wow did it send us off with a bang? We were lucky to be in the front row singing and dancing! An extremely talented group of musicians and performers and it was sensational! Must see event!

Mary Starling
Full of energy, great music and spirit. Only criticism is that it could go on much longer. A brilliant upbeat end to an evening.

Leander Laurance-Thompson
Loved the show, professional, lively and a real feel good show. All the performers and musicians were excellent. Definitely a show to see. I look forward to seeing them again.

Alistair Geddes Geddes
Excellent show, and we left with smiles on our faces.

Sean Davis
(*****) Jake and Elwood are here to provide ‘50s and ‘60s blues, with a horn section and back-up singers to provide a nice big sound. My yearly trek found that again the players had a good time, and so did the audience. I am impressed in how the show is designed to get even the most staid old Brits up on their feet dancing by the end of the show.

Jannet Taylor
Jake and Elwood, girls and barman were excellent, Musicians at back of stage didn’t seem to be enjoying themselves. Too young perhaps, they need to see the film.

Christine Kelly

Mark Dewhurst
A great feel good crowd show. Jake & Elwood are superb. You want to get up and dance, in fact – you’re supposed to!!! Hello, it’s The Blue Brothers!!!

Heather Banner
A must see, absolutely fantastic!

Stephen Bramley
End the night on a life affirming high – a tremendous, full throttle blast of highly infectious music that has the audience rocking with delight. Clever, humorous and utterly enjoyable from a talented and engaging cast – you will be dancing in the aisles and leave with a wonderful warm feeling, broad smile and head full of truly great songs. There are lots of marvellous shows at the Fringe but do not miss this one – they want – YOU, YOU, YOU!

BROADWAY BABY – Brotherly Love (*****)
I have a confession to make. I love this movie; I grew up on this movie. So I was cautiously excited to see my icon on stage in a music review. My fears were immediately and resolutely assuaged from the moment the band hit the stage and the announcer began the famous welcome speech.

A few mics, a couple of spotlights, a small bar and an energy as strong as 1000 watts transforms the theatre at C venues into a heart-pounding, foot stomping, non-stop thrill ride through the ‘I’ve got a woman, I need a woman, I lost a woman’ soulful streets of the blues. I challenge anyone to stay rooted in their seat for more than a chorus or two.

The excitement is infectious. After five seasons, this show is as fresh as Jake Blues straight out of prison. Jake and Elwood are spot on with incredible energy and that cool, camp, irresistible trademark style. Strutting and dancing about the stage, this rock and roll jam packed party just keeps building in intensity to an explosive finale that will have you up all night, rushing to the VCR for a revisit.

I would be remiss to forget a shout out for the ladies, whose vocal strains are as sexy, tight and impressive as their hot pants. They also show off very precise choreography, giving even the backing vocalists moments of the polish and panache which marked the era of big band blues. Then there is the bartender, whose enthusiasm and raw talent made me want to jump up and shake a tail feather.

No Blues Brothers show would be complete without ‘The Band’, a collection of cool, quirky, and extraordinarily talented very young men, hovering in the back behind shades, some looking even too young to smoke a pipe or drink a beer. It made this reviewer smile to think this show is bringing classic rock and roll and the soul of the blues to a new generation.

You do not have to be a fan of the Blues Brothers movie to love this show. You just have to have ears, heart and a pulse. Years ago, I went to one of the last concerts of the last remaining members of the Drifters. He came down the aisle and it was like Rock and Roll church! Last night, I happily returned to pray at the pearly gates of the blues. If there is a heaven on earth, I think it might just be at C.