So, last night I had the privilege of performing in Scott Alan’s first concert in the ‘Sunday Nights, New Voices’ series, live at Zedel in London. 

We were joined by composers, Dan & Laura Curtis, and host, Siobhan Dillon. 

We each performed a song of our choice – I went with ‘I Love Betsy’ from Honeymoon In Vegas – as well as a song by Dan & Laura. I was given the beautiful ballad, ‘Find The Best Of Me’. 

It was a really fun day, and a great experience. The other performers (Abbey, Annabel, Rebecaa and Aaron) were incredible, and it was a real pleasure to meet them and share the stage with them. 

I’d like to thank Scott Alan for giving me the opportunity, as well as Dan & Laura for their support. And thanks to those who came to support us!

Maybe we’ll get to do it all again sometime. 

Watch this space…

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